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Thinking about implementing a Microsoft Office 365 solution? First of all, good for you! When implementing any IT-related migration, there are many moving parts that need to be considered. At Method Group, our team evaluates how legacy systems and databases, existing software, and core processes will function within the new environment. We focus on discovery, strategy and roadmap planning, migration, implementation, user adoption and, of course, managed services.


Here are some of the reasons we recommend Office 365:


You Can Keep Your Current Business Processes

By maintaining your current processes and systems, you’ll be simplifying the management of your infrastructure, reducing costs, and greatly improving your mobile access to information. You’ll also have access to the latest features Office 365 has available instead of waiting months for the next service pack to be released. We’ll help you augment your current business processes without the need to start from scratch. Sounds good, right? 


You Won’t Believe The Improvement To Your Productivity

Migrating to Office 365 increases the efficiency of existing software so you can dramatically improve productivity. Sharepoint allows teams to easily remain in contact while working on a project and share files and updates at the same time. It allows real-time streaming of information allowing improved access to information.


Microsoft Teams Is A Game-Changer

Teams is a chat-based workspace that features group and private messaging, with threaded and persistent conversations. Within each team, users can create different channels to organize their communications by topic. 

Here’s a bit more about Microsoft Teams:

●     You can create multiple chat rooms or channels within a Team and help keep chats easy to follow, conversations are saved in threads, flow from top to bottom and notify users of updates.

●     If users need face-to-face conversation, they can jump straight into voice or video chats with other channel participants with a single click. The number of participants in a video chat is also set to grow, with Microsoft integrating the Kaizala messaging service for large-group communication into Teams.

●     Any documents, spreadsheets, presentations and the like that are shared within a Team are synced with a copy stored in Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage and a local SharePoint environment, so every Team member always has access to the latest version.

●     Collaborative editing of this shared content is also possible, with each user's changes reflected in the Office software in real time.


With Microsoft One Drive, You Maintain Control Of Your Data -- Always

You get world-class data security and are able to completely control and set the transparency of your company’s data. Check out these additional benefits:

● Free storage: OneDrive offers users 15GB of free storage space as well as the chance to earn extra free storage space. Additional storage is also offered if users link OneDrive to their mobile phone’s camera so that it automatically backs up their photos online.

● Easy organization: You can store any kind of file on OneDrive like photos, video, and your most important documents, and then access them from any of your Windows PCs or mobile devices.

● Close collaboration with Office: As a Microsoft platform, OneDrive works closely with Microsoft Office apps like Word or PowerPoint – when you launch one of these applications you’ll see a list of recent documents, including those saved to OneDrive.

● Social networks: On the web version, leading social networks can be linked to your OneDrive account. This allows the sharing of files with colleagues and permissions can be set for each user from read-only to complete access to editing documents.


You’ll Experience 99.9% Uptime!

With Office 365, you get 99.9% uptime and so you know all your important work is accessible no matter what the circumstances may be. Our services offer built in security, unparalleled privacy, continuous compliance and transparent operations!

At Method Group we have experience handling both simple and complex Office 365 migrations and are well-versed in the intricacies involved. Whether you’re simply looking to migrate email to Office 365, or you need assistance with a full-scale digital transformation and content migration, we’ve got you covered. We also provide post-migration training and technical support, ensuring all departments experience a smooth transition.

Office 365 is constantly changing and evolving, so you’ll need us to ensure that you get the greatest possible benefit out of the suite of products. We offer long-term strategic guidance to help make Office 365 work for your organization, both now and in the future.


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