Firewall Security

Your Network’s First Line of Defense

Eliminate IT Headaches
Eliminate IT Headaches

Filter Out

Dangerous Cyberthreats

Protect Confidential Data

Ransomware, hackers, viruses, phishing scams – cyberattacks are bad for business, but avoiding them is far from simple. Method Group takes the burden off your shoulders with firewall security management. Our firewall solutions give you a layer of protection against malicious software and questionable content to safeguard your business and customer data.

Counteract Employee Error

Whether directly or indirectly, employees can leave you vulnerable to viruses and malware through their emails, browsing habits and downloads. Firewall security management minimizes the risk of exposure to dangerous materials by deflecting suspicious messages, websites and files long before they can pose a threat to your team.

Get Proactive Maintenance

A firewall is only as good as its latest update. We apply upgrades and patches to your firewall as soon as they become available, strengthening your systems as new threats arise. Method Group also remotely tests your solutions post-deployment to ensure that everything is running seamlessly. Consider us your ongoing partner in the battle against security threats.

Start Your Journey

Monitor Your Virtual Activity

Even the strongest firewall needs guidance. Our technicians monitor your firewall around the clock to quickly locate and address vulnerabilities before an attack can wreak havoc on your network. We also use data on current and developing threats to make your firewall smarter and more effective. The result is a security solution tailored to your business needs.

Here's what you get with

Firewall Security Management:

Automatic Updates

We fortify and enhance your firewall with upgrades and patches as soon as they’re available.

Compliance Management

Protecting confidential data from cyberthreats brings you one step closer to meeting compliance.

Minimized Downtime

Attacks like ransomware and viruses can crash your systems and bring operations to a halt.

24/7 Monitoring

Firewall software is just part of the equation – our technicians add expertise and personal service.

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