Data Backup and Recovery Services

A Safety Net for Your Valuable Data

Eliminate IT Headaches
Eliminate IT Headaches

Keep Your Data

in Its Rightful

Minimize Data Disasters

Can your business survive a serious data-loss event? Losing customer data can damage the long-term relationships you work hard to build and severely hamper your client experience. In some industries, losing data can even put your clients’ health or livelihood at risk. Bottom line: the cost of losing data far outweighs the cost of protecting it.

Back Up Crucial Files

You’re always careful to hit “save” on your files – but what if your computer goes down? What if your network suffers an outage because of user error, a natural disaster or a vicious cyberattack? In those cases, saving locally isn’t enough to protect your data. Method Group regularly backs up your data to an off-site location to protect your most valuable business information.

Recover Information Quickly

Backing up your data is only an effective strategy if it’s easily retrievable when you need it. We design a process that allows you to recover your data – whether it’s a single file or a full server – within minutes, not hours. Method Group also oversees the process to ensure that your data arrives intact and to answer any of your questions immediately.

Start Your Journey

Keep Your Business Running

The wrong file going missing can cost your company thousands in lost revenue and productivity. Data loss is virtually inevitable, but instead of scrambling to replace the information and get back on track, you can take a breath knowing that Method Group has it covered. Recover data quickly and resume operations like nothing happened.

Here’s what you get with

Data Backup and Recovery Services:

Customer Service

Losing data hampers your ability to give your clients the best, most customized experience possible.

Managed Expenses

Missing data can cost your organization thousands of dollars in lost sales and productivity.

Minimized Downtime

Our quick, simple recovery services make it easy for your team to get back to work within minutes.

Expert Assistance

You don’t have to handle data recovery on your own – we’re there for every step of the process.

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