Microsoft Office 365 Support

Your Favorite Applications, Made Even Better

Eliminate IT Headaches
Eliminate IT Headaches

Boost Productivity with

​Next-Level Tools

Work from Anywhere, Anytime

Microsoft Office 365 improves the applications you use every day – like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams, Outlook and OneNote – by pairing them with the benefits of the cloud. Whether you’re editing a document while you travel or answering an email at midnight, you can access your favorite Office tools from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection.

Standardize Your Team’s Resources

Whether your office runs on PCs, Macs or a combination of both, Office 365 gives every employee a standardized, integrated experience. Your team can easily upload and share files without running into the problem of incompatible versions. And, if a new feature or upgrade is available, we’ll deploy it across every company desktop, laptop and mobile device virtually simultaneously.

Eliminate Lag Time in Collaboration

Emailing documents back and forth for feedback can be time-consuming, confusing and frustrating. Is everyone looking at the right file? Are all stakeholders’ comments incorporated? Where is that email you received last week? Office 365 makes it simple to edit documents and other files in real-time and view others’ contributions, so you’re all on the same page – literally.

Start Your Journey

Minimize Your Implementation Costs

Managing software licenses, installing and maintaining applications and building the infrastructure to host it all can put a drain on your resources. Method Group provides Office 365 access for a low-cost monthly subscription, and since it’s hosted on the cloud, you’ll never need to purchase additional physical servers. Plus, we handle maintenance to eliminate your daily support costs.

Here's what you get

​Microsoft Office 365 support

Enhanced Collaboration

Share your ideas and receive crucial feedback faster with real-time editing capabilities.

Business Continuity

Even if your machine or server fails, your important files can be recovered easily from the cloud.

Greater Mobility

All it takes is an Internet connection to create, edit and share documents from a computer or mobile device.

Strong Security

We complement Microsoft Office 365 with security solutions that keep your files secure and compliant.

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