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Eliminate IT Headaches

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Meet Healthcare Regulations

Reaching HIPAA’s high compliance standards requires constant oversight, especially as regulations change. We deploy security solutions for the biotech and medical industries to manage and protect vital patient information. Violations can lead to potential criminal charges and thousands or millions of dollars in fines each year, so meeting compliance every time is critical.

Satisfy Global Privacy Rules

If you collect or manage data for residents in the EU, you’re subject to GDPR regulations. Method Group helps you design data-management processes that comply with GDPR’s privacy standards and keep your customers’ personal information protected. Avoid consequences like the suspension of your data processing rights or fines up to four percent of your global annual turnover.

Protect Customer Relationships

When prospects or customers hand over their sensitive data – whether they visit your website or conduct regular business with you – they expect you to guard that data by every means possible. Our first-class compliance management solutions help you live up to those expectations and preserve your reputation as a trustworthy company.

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Stay Ahead of the Curve

Are you meeting compliance regularly – albeit, by a narrow margin? Compliance standards will continue to change and tighten in favor of the consumer, so taking regulations seriously now saves you time, money and headache in the future. Method Group helps you transform into a leader in privacy with our compliance management solutions.

Here’s what you get with

Compliance Management Solutions:

Better Reputation

Consistently meeting compliance cements your reputation as a reliable, trustworthy company.

Customer Loyalty

When you protect your customers’ data, they feel more comfortable sharing sensitive information with you.

Controlled Expenses

Keep your bottom line intact by avoiding the fines associated with violating HIPAA and GDPR guidelines.

Expert Advice

Method Group manages all aspects of your compliance, so you can devote more time to focusing on business.

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