Endpoint Security Management

Protecting Your Network from Every Angle

Eliminate IT Headaches
Eliminate IT Headaches

Work Safer


Protect Your Mobile Devices

Office networks have expanded beyond a stationary group of desktops, servers and printers. In an always-on economy, your employees have to rely on laptops, mobile phones and other devices to offer clients around-the-clock service. However, if your team works from home or needs access to corporate resources while traveling, there are a host of dangers that await unsecured endpoints.

Beware Dangerous Cyberthreats

Connecting to public Wi-Fi or accessing confidential information on your personal devices is convenient, but it opens you up to vicious attacks like data breaches and ransomware. Rather than attacking a highly-secure business network, cybercriminals are increasingly finding their way in through devices that hold the same valuable information, but with weaker security.

Control Endpoints Centrally

Your network isn’t truly secure with unprotected endpoints – which is why Method Group makes it easy to inventory and manage every device your team uses for business purposes. We ensure that endpoints meet security standards before gaining network access and authenticate logins to limit entry to authorized users. Our technicians also regularly deploy software upgrades on your devices.

Start Your Journey

Block Attacks in Progress

We regularly scan your devices for malware and monitor inbound and outbound traffic to detect malicious events and quickly stop unwanted intrusions. Method Group goes even further, determining the root causes of threats and collecting actionable data to strengthen your safeguards against future attacks.

Here’s what you get with

Endpoint Security Management:

Remote Access

We set up a reliable, secure remote access VPN for employees to utilize corporate resources.

Controlled Costs

Investing in endpoint security management saves you money on fines, lawsuits and lost revenue later.

Peace of Mind

Cybercriminals are targeting your network through “weak” endpoints – fight them with a strong defense.

Standardized Training

We ensure widespread user adoption by teaching your team how to operate their devices safely.

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