Server and Network

IT Support from the Ground Up

Eliminate IT Headaches
Eliminate IT Headaches

Start with a

High-Performing Infrastructure

Grow on a Strong Foundation

Working on an infrastructure customized just for your business needs sets your technology up for success. If your business is just starting, if you’re moving to a new location or if your infrastructure is due for a total redesign, Method Group develops and implements a network that meets your requirements for storage, security, compliance, uptime and more.

Keep Hardware in Top Shape

Without regular maintenance and upgrades, your servers and network wear down over time – which means slow connection speeds, data loss and extended periods of downtime. We perform routine assessments and update aging components, so your infrastructure works at the highest level possible until it’s time to replace your servers and network hardware.

Offload Your Routine Tasks

Testing the performance of your servers and network, applying software patches and replacing hardware takes time away from more mission-critical projects. Method Group automates or takes over standard tasks, freeing up your team to pursue high-level and long-term goals. We’ll also handle maintenance remotely or after-hours to minimize business disruption.

Start Your Journey

Monitor Around the Clock

An issue with your network may appear to come out of nowhere, but we spot the red flags that precede a major problem. Our technicians monitor your servers and network 24/7 with advanced detection software and time-tested expertise to find and resolve problems. Our goal? For you to only see technology issues when they show up on your monthly report.

Here's what you get with

Server and Network Management

Heightened Productivity

Our solutions keep your servers and network running fast, so they can keep up with you.

Improved Security

Patching up your servers and closing network vulnerabilities protects you from cyberattacks.

Help Desk Availability

On the rare occasion you experience an issue, we’re available any time of the day or night.

Lifecycle Management

We ensure you’re not upgrading too early or too late for maximum cost-effectiveness.

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Managed IT Services

Explore Our Other

Managed IT Services

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