Infrastructure as a Service

A Flexible Foundation for Your Business

Eliminate IT Headaches
Eliminate IT Headaches

Get Exactly the

Resources You Need

Rent a Reliable Infrastructure

Most small businesses don’t have the resources to build and operate their own data center – so, where can you get the right amount of power and storage without over-spending on infrastructure? With our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution, we host and manage servers, networking, storage and more on behalf of your company.

Eliminate Costly Hardware

Installing, maintaining and upgrading servers and networking equipment balloons your technology bill, distracts your team and often leaves you with too much or too little capacity for your needs. Choosing Method Group to host your infrastructure allows you to scale back on your on-premises hardware and software and simplify your operations.

Retain Complete Control

We provide the foundation – the rest is yours. You have control over your entire infrastructure and can access your servers and storage directly. Easily manage applications, data, middleware, operating systems and more while only paying for the resources you actually use. Plus, Infrastructure as a Service is highly scalable to fit your changing needs.

Start Your Journey

Bundle with Other Services

Build on and protect your infrastructure with Method Group’s cloud and security services. Whether you need backup and recovery solutions to safely store your data or an ERP system that connects your processes, we become familiar with your business and deploy services that complement and complete your infrastructure.

Here's what you get with

Infrastructure as a Service:

Easy Scalability

Scale your storage and capacity up or down as your business requirements change and evolve.

Controlled Costs

Eliminate upfront hardware and software expenses and pay only for the resources you use.

Flexible Options

We assess your current and future infrastructure needs and design a plan that fits your operations.

Reliable Uptime

Method Group maintains and monitors your infrastructure for near-100% availability and peak performance.

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Explore Our Other

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